We recommend feeding your Lhasa on one of the many proprietary brands of kibbled dry food. Your breeder will be able to advise you of the food that the puppy has been reared on.  Make sure of course, that plenty of fresh water is always available. Dried food should not be given as a biscuit along with other mixers.  It is a complete diet with all the vitamins and minerals necessary for proper nourishment.  Please read the literature that comes with the food.  This does not, of course preclude the odd biscuit (the Dog variety) or other titbit being given as a treat, but treats should be given sparingly, to avoid over-weight dogs.


You should try to groom daily.  You will need a wide-tooth comb, a fine-tooth comb (for the face), soft slicker brush, pin brush, scissors and nail clippers.  Train your puppy to lie on his/her side.  You might have a bit of a struggle to begin with, but it is worth persevering as this cuts grooming time enormously in the longer term and also allows you to get into the awkward places, i.e. under the arms and between the hind legs, behind the ears etc.  Brush or comb the coat in layers. When you finish one side, turn the dog over and do the other side.  If you are unable to groom every day, please make sure you do give a thorough grooming at least once a week.  You should only have to bath your dog every couple of months or so. Use a gentle shampoo for the body, but do use a tearless shampoo for the face.  I recommend you use an insecticidal shampoo during the summer months, but make sure the shampoo you choose is suitable for a puppy. Pat dry, taking most of the water off with a towel, do not rub the coat, then finish drying with a hair dryer. Trim the hair that grows between the pads on their feet making sure that there is nothing, sticking to or, lodged between the pads. Nails should be trimmed on a regular basis taking a little off at a time.  Don't forget to trim the dewclaws (equivalent to the human thumb on the inside of the fore legs). The hair that grows from inside the ear should also be removed, (once a month should do).  This does not cause the dog any discomfort and helps to keep the ears clean and free from wax and ear mites.  Special toothpaste can be obtained along with a toothbrush at any good pet shop and teeth cleaning should become a regular part of grooming.  The eyes should be bathed with tepid water and cotton wool.  At about the age of 4 or 5 months the puppy's hair looks as if it is growing into the eyes.  Please do not be tempted to cut this hair.  If you use Vaseline or fine wax to smooth it down for a while, the hair will soon grow past this awkward stage and the problem is then solved.   Remember, you are the boss. Don't give in if your puppy struggles during grooming training.  You know you are not hurting him/her and if you are not firm with them at this age, you may have a problem later on.



Puppies should be taken out regularly.  Lots of praise should be given when they perform the required task, then take them back into the house again.  Puppies will usually indicate when they need out, by looking around for somewhere to do their business.  Toilet training is learned very quickly if you persevere. Remember,  lots of praise when they perform outside, but be sure to let them know verbally that they are naughty,  if they have an accident inside the house.



It is likely that the Breeder has wormed your puppy, however, it is recommended that he/she should be wormed again at 12 weeks and every six months thereafter.  Your veterinary surgeon can advise and will be able to supply the necessary medicine. The wormer we use comes as a paste and the required dose is very easily measured and administered.



The adult Lhasa Apso will take as much or as little exercise as you are willing to give. However, be careful not to over exercise a youngster. It is a good idea to go along to an obedience class when your puppy is old enough, to teach him/her basic commands and also to socialize the puppy with other dogs.  There is a Good Citizen Test, approved by the Kennel Club and most training classes will run sessions.

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