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                             We, are Ros and Bruce Watson

 and we live at Brookbank Cottage.  (see Contact Us page)

    We got our first Lhasa, (Cheska) as a pet in 1974. Unfortunately we lost him in a car accident in 1980.  We were then without an Apso  for a couple of years or so, until we got Tiki,   followed soon after by Tara, our first show dog.   We had a modicum of success with Tara, but  initially she was a reluctant participant in the show scene,  until that is, we started showing Katie, one of her daughters.  When Tara saw that Katie was having all the attention and  fun  going to shows, she decided then that she was going to have some of this too and thereafter took to the show ring like a duck to water.

     Sadly,  Tara has now passed away.  Click her photograph, to read her poem.

    As we grew more and more interested and involved with the Breed, in 1990 we joined the founders group for the Lhasa Apso Club of Scotland and Bruce became Honorary Secretary of the Club, taking the Club right through the early stages of Kennel Club registration and onwards, until finally standing down from the job in 1999.   In 2004, he was elected President of the Club;  although  he still remains an active committee member and represents the Scottish Club’s interests on the Lhasa Apso Breed Council.  He in turn represents the Lhasa Apso Breed Council as the elected representative for the Kennel Club Liaison Council - Breeds Council.   Bruce has also been approved  by the Kennel Club to judge the Breed and award Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at Championship Show level.

    Lynruce Lhasa Apsos are bred from sound, eye tested clear stock, selected for their good temperament and breed characteristics.   Our breeding intent is orientated towards producing quality animals, suitable for the show ring.  Our dogs are  bred and kept, in accordance with The Joint U.K. Lhasa Apso Clubs Code of Ethics.   "Click to view".  There are only three Champion Lhasa Apsos ever, to have been bred in Scotland.  We are proud to have bred both of the first two, one of whom went Best of Breed at Crufts in 1995; and we own and are currently showing the third one, "Pepper" (Ch. Cheolview I'm Special for Lynruce), who was sired by a Lynruce dog.

   We normally  breed, only when we are looking to upgrade our show stock. We do not breed  just for the sake of producing puppies, however we do occasionally  have puppies available to go as pets.  Click on "The Dogs" button to see Puppies.


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